Maureen F. S​hea, C.A.G.S.



I help adults with learning challenges lead a functional and fulfilled life through:

Life coaching

Improving the capacity for problem-solving

Helping individuals become more self-confident

Encouraging progression towards self-reliance

Remediation of academic and cognitive skills

It's never too late to learn new skills, to be happy, and to become confident in yourself.

Unlock the stop sitting on the sidelines.

Our Philosophy...

In today’s complex society there are many demands and challenges faced by our children. We all want them to be prepared for a successful future.

Unlock the find your place in the world.

As a parent:

Do you have a “gut” feeling that something is not going smoothly in your child’s development or progress in school?

Has your pediatrician or school expressed concerns about your child’s development?

Need help navigating the maze of assessment, services, and professionals to select what is best for your child?

As a fellow professional:

Think your child or adolescent client needs diagnosis or treatment outside your established specialty?

Need a better handle on a child’s or adolescent’s strengths and weaknesses?

Looking to help a person of any age overcome learning challenges?

I am your partner for comprehensive treatment for all learning challenges, including:

Parent and child coaching

Explaining and implementing the latest research relevant to ADHD children

Psychoeducational assessment using neuropsychological principles and a brain-based approach

Advocating for children in their school systems and with other service providers

Providing emotional and practical support for parents

Assisting with organization of special needs paperwork

Offering academic/remediation tutoring using evidence-based interventions

Fostering communication between parent and child and, if needed, treatment providers

Anyone can make progress if they have the right combination of services and support.

Unlock the potential...of a productive communication with your child.

Excerpt From...

A Life Wish

by Raphaella Vaisseau

 May the days and years ahead of you be filled with


that you may sense clearly the path you choose to walk;


that you may see, search, and dream without limitation...


that you may discover what you want and need,

know who you are, give to others of your heart's joy,

have the courage to stand for your own convictions,

and believe in yourself no matter what.

Unlock the thrive.