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About Maureen Shea and Lighthouse Psychoeducational Services!

          My name is Maureen Shea, and I'm a Nationally Certified School Psychologist and Licensed Professional Counselor. I assist children, families, adults and professionals with learning challenges in the form of diagnosis, assessment, advocacy, evidence-based treatment, coaching, and increased self-efficacy. Always, my goal is moving children, teens, and young adults forward in life.

Create your own destiny.


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Maureen F. S​hea, C.A.G.S.

Maureen Shea Bio:

               Maureen is continually updating her professional development and is especially interested in what brain research and neuropsychology can tell us about learning, intervention, and emotional development. In addition to her license as a professional counselor and her certification as a school psychologist, she is currently pursuing a doctorate in school psychology. She lives and works in southeastern CT with her poodles, Merlot and Rita, and enjoys crossword puzzles for relaxation.


     Ledge Lighthouse (Actual view from Maureen's front yard!)  

 The Story of the Lighthouse

          Ledge Lighthouse stands solidly in the middle of the Thames River, saluting the boat traffic in and out of New London Harbor. Unlike most other lighthouses, round and tall, the lighthouse that I can't help but think of as mine is squat and square. If that weren't enough, it is also haunted by rumors of ghostly possession. In the book "The Lighthouse of Connecticut," author Jeremy D'Entremont reports that doors at Ledge Lighthouse have been known to open and close mysteriously; decks to swab themselves, and the foghorn to turn itself on and off at will. I don't know if it's true, but I do know there is a certain mystique about the lighthouse I see every day. It is unique and special, haunted by a spirit of pride despite it's unconventional shape and history.

          Like the clients I work with, my lighthouse doesn't always look or "act" like others expect it to. But it is because of it's differences that I have become so attached to it. I like to think the clients I work with are special and unique too, with wonderful qualities that may need to be discovered and "repairs" that may need to be made, but one-of-a-kind like my lighthouse.Type your paragraph here.